A Deeply spiritual Jewish artist, Yoel Benharrouche’s work establishes an authentic connection with his audience. His paintings can easily be understood as a portal into the metaphysical, and it’s difficult to pry one’s eyes away from the door.

Born in Beersheba, Israel in 1961 in Beersheba, Yoel Benharrouche has, since childhood, been immersed in a complete spirituality linked to the religious Jewish education from his parents. Arriving in Nice in 1974, he continued his art studies and later taught drawing there. In parallel to his artistic activities, he acquired a deep knowledge of the basic texts of the Jewish tradition, and uses them as inspiration for his paintings and sculpture. In 1993, he returned to settle in Israel with his family, an ideal place for his inspiration. Each of his paintings reveals a noble idea of spiritual elevation where the beauty of colors and subtle shapes celebrate the universal Creator and his creation.

Benharrouche’s work is influenced by turn-of-the-century movements like cubism and surrealism. Where the planes of his works blend into each other, and his subjects are dream-like in their depth and opacity. Benharrouche uses these movements in order to explore the duality between the material and mystical world, finding seamless ways to explore the transcendent through the corporeal. Even Yoel’s figures are sometimes difficult to decipher, blending into each other, to the objects in his paintings, and even into his backgrounds. The fluidity of movement in his works provide a setting where Benharrouche embraces viewer subjectivity, rather than seeking to master his audience. One can find many meanings in a Benharrouche.

Yoel’s vibrant palette and mystical contemplation explore both the historical and spiritual world of this astounding artist’s innermost musings about the world. He paints his surroundings with a lyrical quality that has landed him among the elite artists of contemporary art. His work is a conversation with the divine. His art is in touch with a deeply spiritual element, it is the essence of art– that which deepens what would otherwise be the mundane experience of living.

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