Examples of Visual Art

Visual arts are forms of arts that we perceive visually. Contrary to musical arts, where we use our sense of hearing, visual arts are appreciated by sight. Visual arts are broad and have several [...]

Lacquer Painting

Throughout the history of the world, numerous decorative painting techniques have been developed. “Tole painting,” “faux-finishing techniques,” “Pickling,” or the “Trompe-l’oeil technique,” [...]

Metal Art

Art is one of the most fantastic, unique, and precious forms of expression that society has to convey feelings and evoke specific emotions from an audience. Even though the primary art forms that [...]

The Divine Feminine

The production of beautiful and complex art pieces involves several processes. However, at the core of all these processes and works are various sources of inspiration for these artists. While [...]

Diptych Art

There are numerous art types, and using diptychs to express feelings is definitely a unique strategy. This guide offers you everything you should know about this fantastic kind of artwork. What [...]

Papercut Art

The invention of paper in China ushered in a wave of decorative art in the 4th century. People could manipulate this material with ease, inspiring many paper crafting skills. Paper flower making, [...]

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