The Divine Feminine

The production of beautiful and complex art pieces involves several processes. However, at the core of all these processes and works are various sources of inspiration for these artists. While [...]

Diptych Art

There are numerous art types, and using diptychs to express feelings is definitely a unique strategy. This guide offers you everything you should know about this fantastic kind of artwork. What [...]

Papercut Art

The invention of paper in China ushered in a wave of decorative art in the 4th century. People could manipulate this material with ease, inspiring many paper crafting skills. Paper flower making, [...]

Abstract Figurative Painting

Art is all about expressing the artist’s feelings, and it offers several ways to say what they want to say. There are endless possibilities when it comes to painting, and it’s up to artists to [...]

Abstract Line Art

Line art is one of the simplest yet most beautiful art styles an artist can do on a blank background. It uses the most basic shapes to create all types of beautiful ideas and emotions. This type [...]

Spiritual Art

There are many types of art, but spiritual art has been around almost since human beings populate the earth. This guide focuses on all its primary aspects. What Is Spiritual Art? When you hear [...]

Metaphysical Painting

There are many art styles and techniques, but some have definitely been more innovative than others. Metaphysical painting is a fantastic example of that, and this article focuses on the primary [...]

Mystical Art

In a contemporary world full of distractions, it can be challenging to imagine something as ‘mystical art’ still existing. However, it does, and this guide tells you what you should [...]

What Is Oil Painting?

The ability to create art that is beautiful and that moves an audience is a talent. To do this, an artist needs to paint with skill, knowledge, and a wide variety of materials. From the materials [...]

Ink Painting Techniques

There are a lot of different techniques used to paint, but you can always find something that works for you. If you are just starting out, you don’t want to use really thick paint because it will [...]

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