The Garden of Eden


As a self-confessed spiritual artist, I enjoy encouraging my audience to consider notions related to the divine. Faith is the driving force behind my paintbrush and I truly believe that it pushes me to create inspiring pieces that shine light and life wherever they’re placed.

It was hugely important for me to unveil my latest collection within a biblical framework and luckily for me, that’s exactly what happened…

On the evening of Thursday 14th March, over 300 people gathered at the Eden Fine Art gallery in Mayfair to celebrate new collections from myself and Dorit Levinstein at the ‘Garden of Eden’ exhibition. On the night, members of London’s ever-growing art scene had the opportunity to explore notions of a biblical Eden via my new collection of original paintings and sculptures.

On a day-to-day basis the gallery exhibits inspiring and evocative artwork but for one night only, it received a top to toe transformation. Insatiable foliage draped from every corner thanks to set designers, Palmbrokers, who ensured that the grey London skies were a distant memory. Guests sipped champagne and snacked on indulgent candy apples, TV personality/DJ Will Best and ReviveHER records curated sounds of paradise, and Tanya Cracknell aka The Grime Violinist stunned with her alternative take on violin performance.

The Garden Of Eden - Yoel Benharrouche - Eden FIne Art London 2019

Waitresses graced the floors in beautiful emerald green dresses and a snake was transported through the crowd, adding to the playfully sinful nature of the evening. Guests also posed behind a heavenly backdrop that shone #EdenLive, Eden’s line of events that commits to coordinating artistic experiences through private viewings. Finally, we gave guests the chance to win a beautiful bottle of rosé wine, which I custom designed for the lucky winner.

The Garden Of Eden - Yoel Benharrouche - Eden FIne Art London 2019

It is no secret that I enjoy representing nature through art which is why the ‘Garden of Eden’ is one of the most meaningful exhibitions I’ve been a part of to date. Whoever created our world knew how to combine colors, shapes, and materials, a technique that I too have adopted when giving birth to my artworks.

My latest collection is on display at Eden Fine Art’s unique gallery spaces across the globe but if you just can’t wait to check them out, then take a look here.

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