Yoel Benharrouche’s Unique Style: A Synthesis of Influences from Masters Like Chagall, Picasso, and Miro

Drawing from the Greats: My Approach to Artistic Inspiration

Yoel Benharrouche

Chagall, Picasso, and Miro have all had a significant influence on my artistic style and approach. From Chagall, I’ve learned to incorporate Jewish themes and motifs into my work, and I’ve been inspired by his use of color and his ability to create a dreamlike quality in his pieces. Picasso, on the other hand, has influenced me to push the boundaries of traditional artistic techniques and styles, and to think outside the box in terms of composition and subject matter. Finally, Miro has influenced me to incorporate organic shapes and lines into my work, and to embrace the idea of spontaneity and improvisation in my creative process. Each of these artists has contributed to my artistic development in different ways, and I continue to draw inspiration from their work as I evolve and grow as an artist.

 Yoel Benharrouche’s painting artwork

These artists significantly impacted modern art and pushed the boundaries of traditional artistic techniques and styles. However, I don’t necessarily revere any one artist entirely. Rather, I appreciate certain elements or techniques of different artists and use them as inspiration in my own work.

I believe that art should be a messenger, not just beautiful, and should reflect each generation’s mindset and perspective. While I admire many artists and their techniques, I always try to remain true to my own unique style and identity rather than imitating someone else. To me, being real and authentic in my art is of utmost importance, and I continue to push myself to evolve and reveal myself through every piece that I create.

 Yoel Benharrouche’s artwork

Exploring Symbolism and Inspiration in Art

In my artistic practice, I utilize a diverse range of techniques and motifs to produce pieces that are visually striking and deeply moving. The Dove symbolizes my desire or “ratzon,” which is expressed through prayer or “tefillah.” Through prayer, we convey our desires to the universe or to God, seeking something that we need. In the story of Noah, the dove represents the manifestation of his desire to bring paradise beyond the confines of the ark. Despite being in a mini-version of paradise, Noah desired to extend it to the world. Thus, he sent the dove out to search for land, which was his way of manifesting this desire.

I also incorporate geometric shapes into my artwork to convey various meanings and symbolism. For me, circles represent infinity and symbolize both women and nature. On the other hand, lines represent the concept of moving in one direction and are associated with men. I find the union of these two shapes to be particularly interesting, and in Jewish weddings, this union is beautifully depicted. During the wedding ceremony, the woman presents her finger, a line, and the man gives her a ring, a circle. The circle and the line symbolize each other’s strengths and serve as a reminder of the union of two individuals.

Finally, music plays a crucial role in my creative process. I believe that music represents the physical world, and that it has both spiritual and physical dimensions. The seven levels of music parallel the seven days of creation and the seven levels of the physical world. For me, music is an identity of the physical, and it inspires me to create art that reflects the intersection between the physical and spiritual realms.

Ever-Evolving Artistic Style

As an artist with many decades of experience, I feel that my work has evolved greatly over the years. For me, it has been a combination of intentional efforts and a natural progression. I always strive to keep my work fresh and new and to stay connected with the current generation. It’s essential for me to seek out new approaches that allow me to convey my ideas more precisely, using clear colors, lines, and shapes. I believe that this ongoing search for improvement and innovation is essential to maintaining a fresh and vibrant artistic style.

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