The Art of Harmony: Exploring the Balance and Spirituality in Yoel Benharrouche’s Work

Translating Spirituality into Tangible Art: Revealing the Unity of the World

paintings of the artists Yoel Benharrouche

In my perspective, the entire world embodies poetry. The challenge lies in the process of translating something intangible, such as spirituality, into a tangible form. Our world possesses immense potential waiting to be unveiled. The objective of art is to transport something from its original state to another. I achieve this by translating the spiritual realm into visual artworks, unveiling what already exists.

My motivation is to bridge the gap between spirituality and the physical world, revealing the interconnectedness of everything through the use of color, shape, and form. Despite living in a diverse universe, I strive to expose the unity that exists between the finite and the infinite. Therefore, every piece I create represents a fraction of a whole, showcasing the various aspects of the oneness of God. I translate this infinite concept into physical reality by confining it within the boundaries of space, time, and identity. These principles serve as the driving force behind my artwork, and each creation aims to illustrate God’s oneness using these principles.

Yoel Benharrouche paintings art

Color, Form, and Texture

In my art, I employ principles akin to color theory. To convey intensity and fervor, I utilize warm colors such as shades of red. In contrast, I opt for cool tones like blues and whites to evoke tranquility. By applying this approach, I can showcase the progression of a picture through its color scheme, highlighting moments of serenity and those of high energy. Blue is my preferred color, as it exudes a profound depth. When I am surrounded by this hue, I feel connected to my innermost being, which is also characterized by blue. The boundless expanse of the blue sky reinforces this connection and resonates with my soul as if it, too is composed of shades of blue.

I employ a mixed technique in my art, which enables me to remain receptive to various mediums. Much like the natural world’s diversity of materials, textures, and colors, including rocks, water, and fire, I incorporate many different mediums to compose my pieces. Additionally, I adopt an approach of only adding to my canvas and never taking anything away. When I paint, I avoid working in fragments, instead utilizing fluid lines to guide me from the beginning to the end of the piece. It has taken me years to perfect this technique, but it is the crux of the spontaneity that characterizes my work. Overthinking results in broken lines, but trusting my instincts allows me to follow the line’s trajectory to its conclusion.

Bringing Paintings to Life

It took me several years to figure out the best approach for bringing my paintings to life in a three-dimensional form. Initially, I attempted traditional sculpting techniques, but soon realized they weren’t suitable for conveying the message I wanted to express. Eventually, I hit upon the idea of using interconnecting panels to create sculptures that grow from a surface or podium. I began by experimenting with 3D papercuts and, from there, developed the method for translating my paintings into sculptures. The key is to introduce space and air between the characters, which gives the work a sense of depth and dimensionality. To create the final sculptures, I first build a model using cardboard, which I then send to a company that produces the pieces from aluminum.

yoel benharrouche Bringing Paintings to Life

Inspiring Education Beyond the Classroom

Through my art, I provide lessons to individuals who may not attend a traditional classroom setting, conveying messages of faith through the medium of art. My work inspires and educates those who may not otherwise engage with the world of academia, but who may find themselves in an art gallery. This way, I am able to teach and motivate through my artistic expression, promoting faith and artistic talent simultaneously.

My artwork presents a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the relationship between art, balance, and spirituality. Through the use of vibrant colors, interconnecting lines, and intricate patterns, I create works that not only capture the eye but also evoke a sense of inner harmony and spirituality. My work serves as a reminder of the power of art to connect us with something greater than ourselves and to inspire us to reach for greater heights of understanding and appreciation of the world around us.

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