Art as a Path to Spirituality

As an artist, my inspiration has always been to capture and convey the meaning of life. I do not just want to create images; I aim to evoke reactions and reflections from the viewer, revealing the essence of existence that lies within my heart and mind. From a young age, I felt an innate connection between spirituality and the physical world, and this connection is the driving force behind my work.

Revealing the Unity of the World: Connecting Through Color, Shape, and Form

I strive to expose the unity within the plurality of our universe. In every artwork, I aim to reveal the connection between one and infinity through color, shape, and form. I believe that each of my creations is a part of a whole, the different facets and faces of the oneness of God. To achieve this, I contract or limit the infinite oneness by using the highest levels of the physical world, such as place, time, and identity.

Exploring Different Mediums and Color Theory

Like the world, my art is made using a variety of materials, textures, and colors. I use hot colors like deep reds to convey energy and passion, while blues, whites, and other cool colors help create a calm atmosphere. Through my color palette, I offer the evolution of a picture, telling a story that progresses through the color scheme. When painting, I follow the line from beginning to end, taking the viewer on a journey through my work. Spontaneity is essential to my technique, as overthinking can lead to broken lines. Trusting my instincts allows me to follow the line until the end.

The Power of Feminine Figures and the White Dove

In many of my works, I feature female figures that represent beauty and power. They are a metaphor for a community of believers, representing the revelation of an idea and its nurturing from potential into existence. The feminine figure is a vessel for the idea and holds it forever. Another recurring theme in my art is the white and elegant dove, representing my prayers and desires. As Noah sent a dove out of the arc to search for land, manifesting his desire to bring paradise to the rest of the world, my dove represents my hopes and dreams.

Interpreting My Art and Constantly Evolving

My artwork is constantly evolving, and I am always searching for ways to communicate my ideas more transparently through different colors, lines, and shapes. While I like to express my views as concisely and symbolically as possible, I understand that each viewer may interpret my work differently. I never try to force my perception of reality on the audience; instead, they should feel free to contemplate and interpret my paintings sensually. To see more of my work, visit my website.

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