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In a contemporary world full of distractions, it can be challenging to imagine something as ‘mystical art’ still existing. However, it does, and this guide tells you what you should know about it.

What Is Mystical Art?

Mystical art is a specific art style that allows the person to be connected to God, the Universe, other divinities, or themselves. Some artists believe that mystical art is simply spirit expressed into tangible artwork. In other words, art is the medium with which creators can represent a message from the divine realm.

What Is Mysticism?

Popularly, mysticism means to become absolute or one with God. Nonetheless, the definition goes way beyond that. It also includes an altered state of consciousness to which you can assign a spiritual or religious meaning.

The definition of mysticism incorporates other aspects as well. Asides from the previously mentioned aspects, it includes the notion of attaining hidden or unique truths and changing as a human through various experiences and practices.

Originally, the term first appeared in Ancient Greece, and it meant ‘to conceal.’ Although it initially referred to Christianity and its early dimensions and experiences, it has grown to include numerous beliefs that all have to do with extraordinary states of mind.

Can Anyone Create Mystical Art?

When you first get to know mystical art, one of the questions you might want to ask other artists is whether or not you can practice this.

Fortunately, you can, and you don’t need to be a professional artist. Remember that mystical art focuses on being a medium between you and an extraordinary experience, so it doesn’t really matter whether or not you have the technical skills to get a specific outcome.

Instead, mystical artists focus on broadening their minds and relaxing, so that they can feel connected to the divine world. Creating mystical art means you can enter a completely peaceful state of consciousness where divinity can flow and show you what you, as an artist, must do to transmit a specific message.

What Are Mystical Beliefs?

As was mentioned before, originally, the only people who believed in mystical experiences were Christians, particularly during medieval times. However, with time, this changed.

Nowadays, mystical beliefs include any idea you have about spirituality and divinity as long as they connect you to a new dimension of your spiritual life. In other words, they are conceptions that allow you to walk the path to spiritual realization.

What Are Mystical Experiences?

Just like beliefs are what occurs in your head, experiences are what can happen to your body. Even though this is not true for everyone, there are numerous examples of this in the contemporary world. Overall, some people simply don’t believe in their power and are not aware of the fact that they’re going through one.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’ve never experienced it. On the contrary, many circumstances in the contemporary world favor mystical experiences. Music, deep meditation, and similar practices are just a few examples of this.

What Are the Types of Mysticism?

Zaehner says that there are three specific types of mysticism: theistic, natural, and monistic. The first category includes all religions that focus on a God, for example, every form of Christianity, Islam, and Jewish tradition.

Monistic mysticism, on the other hand, allows you to be one with your soul. This is one of the most individually powerful practices because you can align what you think of your body and mind with what you’re actually experiencing. In some time, you might notice that you get unique ideas that might change your perspective on reality.

Lastly, natural mysticism includes everything that does not fit into the previously mentioned categories. Therefore, it’s a definition that’s perfect for any person who has experienced a mystical moment but might not be able to categorize it.

How Can Someone Create Mystical Art?

To create mystical art, you must be in a calm state of mind. You can’t go through the bridge between your physical body and divinity if you are upset.

Once you guarantee that you are relaxed, you can focus on what your senses tell you. What can you hear, smell, and touch? Try to gather more information about your surroundings than what you usually do.

Finally, you need to translate this into a tangible work of art. Choose your favorite medium – you can paint, draw, write, or make music. It’s up to you!

Yoel Benharrouche

Few artists can understand the value of mysticism and deep spiritual meaning when it comes to making works of art. However, these are concepts that Yoel Benharrouche comprehends very well as he strives to portray them in his paintings.

The artist has been studying spiritual texts for years. Nowadays, he is passionate about creating art that reflects the wonders of mankind through the use of color and ethereal elegance.


Mystical art allows people to feel connected to the divine world in a whole different way. Even with all contemporary distractions, there are still numerous artists out there who engage in this practice, and so can you.

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