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There are many types of art, but spiritual art has been around almost since human beings populate the earth. This guide focuses on all its primary aspects.

What Is Spiritual Art?

When you hear the term ‘spiritual art,’ you might have some ideas. However, people who are not familiarized with what this term means might not truly understand what it entails.

More than a type of art, spiritual art is a practice. It means putting your skills, creativity, and imagination to the service of cultural and ritualistic methods, which might allow you to feel on the path to realization within your spiritual tradition.

How Do You Create Spiritual Art?

If you don’t know much about spiritual art, the most frequent question to ask is how to create it, especially if you are interested in engaging in this practice. Firstly, you have to choose the medium you’ll use. This is the specific technique that you’re able to explore while getting in touch with the divine.

Some people choose writing, others prefer painting, writing music, etc. It all depends on what you’re comfortable doing, what you enjoy, and what you believe might bring you closer to divinity. A way to determine your medium is to let your beliefs inspire you, visualize them, and then do something about them.

Many spiritual artists picture what they want to do before trying it out, and you can also do this. Once you have a clear image of what you want to represent, you can give it a try and write it down, paint it, sculpt it, and so on. You should also keep in mind that getting inspiration to make spiritual art can come suddenly or slowly. It’s a unique process for each person.

Whereas some people need to form the idea with time, others get their ‘downloads’ of art all at once. In other words, the spiritual art ‘downloads’ just appear in their head, and they feel almost a physical need to make them happen in the outside world.

What Is Spiritual Art’s Function?

Spiritual art has many functions. Nonetheless, the most important one is to put you on the path of divine realization. When you create spiritual art, you are in touch with the divine. Whether that is in the form of a beautiful painting or a melodious song, it means you can feel connected to your beliefs and something bigger than yourself.

Additionally, making spiritual art means you can also put your art to the service of society. You can make something that inspires, sparks joy, or allows others to feel identified with, even in their darkest moments.

Thus, to summarize, spiritual art’s function is to connect people to their path of divine realization and to allow them to make something that can help everyone around them too.

Why Spiritual Art Exists

People who make spiritual art strongly believe that they get messages from the spirit world (also known as the divine world). On some occasions, these messages can help groups of people, not only individuals.

To put it differently, when someone gets a divine message, it can serve their personal purposes and individual growth, but it can also represent something that they need to transmit to others.

In these cases, spiritual art is the ideal medium to put the message out there and make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Instead of reflecting on the message in the solitude of your room or shrine, you can represent it in a sculpture, poem, painting, or any other form of art that can evoke specific feelings in people.

Some Examples of Spiritual Art

Spiritual art comes in many different forms, especially because everyone’s connection to the divine world is unique. Here are some of the most frequent examples:

  1. Buddhist Art

This type of art has its origins in the Asian continent, particularly in the region of India, and statues are probably the most famous examples of it.

  1. Christian Art

With this art, people attempt to illustrate some lessons, tales, or metaphors that Christianity describes. Images of Christ, the Cross, and similar themes are very frequent.

  1. Islamic Art

Instead of focusing on the physical form, Islamic art cares about the spiritual essence. Islam prohibited representing some images in art, which is why the pieces often portray beautiful calligraphic decorations, which might make the observer feel at peace and closer to the divine realm.

The Artist

Yoel Benharrouche is an artist with a deep connection to the spiritual realm. After masters such as Picasso, Chagall, and Miro influenced him, he has worked to make sure his art pieces reflect something beyond the mundane of the contemporary world.

The artist’s primary purpose is to celebrate mankind’s history through his paintings. Thus, he has spent a long time studying religious texts, and nowadays, he represents spiritual themes in his work.


Spiritual art is a beautiful practice. Once you know some more about what it represents and how making it can bring you closer to divine realization, creating some pieces may be a fantastic idea to try.

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